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Small Voices’ Academy is a locally owned and operated childcare center licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services to care for children from 6 weeks to 12 years old. Small Voices’ Academy’s mission is to provide a happy, healthy, and loving experience for the children committed to our care. To that end, we provide care both before and after school. We serve healthy meals, breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack, and our staff is certified to pass meds as well as trained in CPR and first aid.

We teach the Pinnacle curriculum.

  •  Infant Care
  •  Toddler
  •  Pre-School
  •  School Age
  •  Music/Movement Lessons
  •  Summer Program for Children 16 months-12-year-old where we offer a fun filled curriculum and scheduled on and off-site field trips.
  •  Transportation to all Churchland Elementary Schools and Southwestern Elementary School