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We aim to provide your children with the best learning experiences and build positive learning habits to ensure stimulation and development. We truly believe every child is unique and Allstars Daycare & Preschool provides a safe environment for your children to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Allstar Daycare & Preschool strives to provide the highest quality childcare for every child. We believe that every child wants to learn and can learn. We believe every child is unique and that a cookie-cutter approach to education does not work.

Our Vision

The All-Stars Daycare and Preschool is working closely with the parents, neighboring schools, and churches to reach and develop the minds and spirits of our youth one at a time. We believe in building a strong foundation to meet each child’s developmental milestones.


The Open Learning Centers will help develop the child’s large and fine motor, sensory and perception skills. These skills are enhanced with the manipulation of building blocks, stable toys, dramatic play, arts and crafts, music, and the library for those who just want to relax and read a good book.

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